Model Deployment Tool
System Requirements
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The Model Deployment Tool allows predictive models developed using Enterprise Miner, a data-mining tool from the SAS Institute, to be deployed or written to database tables in a ZLE Data Store. Models that have been deployed in this manner may be executed using the HP Scoring Engine on an HP NonStop™ Server, to help determine in real-time the most appropriate and effective responses to various business events.

Conceptually, the Model Deployment Tool performs the task of copying information associated with a SAS Enterprise Miner model into a ZLE Data Store. In addition to this task, the tool also supports the browsing of both models that are available for deployment and models that have already been deployed. These latter two capabilities enhance the usability of the Model Deployment Tool, enabling ZLE application developers to easily locate a model for deployment, and to determine which models have already been deployed.

The Model Deployment Tool consists of three main components. The first is a web browser, running on a client workstation. Through a web browser interface, the user of the tool connects via a well-known URL to the second main component, the Java code that implements the tool. This second component is packaged as a web application that runs on a web server. The web application, in turn, connects via JDBC to the third component, a NonStop™ SQL/MX database residing on an HP NonStop™ Server.


Model Deployment Tool provides following features:

  • Browsing available SAS Enterprise Miner Reports
  • Exporting SAS Enterprise Miner Models
  • Browsing a ZLE Data Store
  • Model Details
  • Viewing Report Details
  • Deploying a Model

System Requirements

The system and software requirements for each of the three components of the Model Deployment Tool are described below.

The tool also requires the use of SAS Enterprise Miner 4.2 or higher. Earlier versions of Enterprise Miner will not work with the Model Deployment Tool, since support for Java model-scoring code (i.e., SAS “Jscore” code) is required, and this support was first provided by SAS in version 4.2.

Client Workstation

  • Internet Explorer 5.5 (or higher).

The tool should work with other browsers as well, though, since the web server component returns only HTML to a client browser for display. In other words, no browser support for JavaScript or anything other than HTML is required.

Web Server

  • Operating System: Windows NT/2000, HP Tru64 Unix
  • Web Server: Apache Tomcat, Version 4.0 or higher on Windows platforms and 1.1 or higher on Tru64 platforms
  • Java Runtime Environment: Version 1.4.0 or higher
  • Local OS privileges sufficient to start and stop the Apache-Tomcat server, and to install new web applications
  • ODBC: ODBC/MX client version 1.5 or higher (Windows only)
  • JDBC/MX type 3 driver (Tru64 only)

HP NonStop™ Server

  • NonStop™ SQL/MX version 1.5 or higher
  • ODBC/MX version 1.5 or higher (needed only when a Windows web server platform is used)
  • JDBC/MX server (needed only when a Tru64 web server platform is used)