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The Genus' DTBlaze product is a batch load and extract product that allows users to easily move data into and out of HP NonStop Servers fast, efficiently and in parallel without disrupting other online applications.

DTBlaze supports the HP Integrity NonStop and HP NonStop Server product families. DTBlaze supports extracting data from and loading data into both the HP NonStop SQL/MP and HP NonStop SQL/MX relational database products. DTBlaze has two components:

DTBlaze Extraction Tool Handles the parallel extraction of data from NonStop SQL/MP or NonStop SQL/MX databases, to a destination system running either Linux or Unix * .

DTBlaze Loading Tool Handles the parallel loading of data into NonStop SQL/MP or NonStop SQL/MX databases, from a source system running either Linux or Unix*


High-speed Extraction

DTBlaze allows the user to provide any SQL statement to retrieve data from an HP NonStop SQL database. Where possible (e.g. for single table queries), DTBlaze allows the user to request that the data extraction is performed in parallel, in which case DTBlaze will launch multiple extraction processes in the NonStop Server CPUs where the SQL partitions reside. In this case, the extraction processes generate optimized query predicates to limit the data to the partitions being managed by each extraction process.

High-speed Loading

DTBlaze automatically parallelizes all load operations based on the partitioning of the target SQL table. On the NonStop Server, multiple load processes are started in each CPU where there are partitions of the target table. The data is then routed from the source system to the associated load process responsible for inserting that specific data.

Various Loading Operations

DTBlaze supports the following insert and update options:

Insert : Allows fast inserts into NonStop SQL tables.

Update : Allows updates of the existing records of NonStop SQL tables

Upsert : Allows data to be inserted incrementally and updates if the records already exist.

Reflexive Update : Incremental updates to numerical columns

Integrated Security

DTBlaze has integrated security for controlling which users can access the product. All user id and password information is encrypted for added security.

Integrated Recovery

DTBlaze has integrated recovery that will allow a failed load task to be restarted from the point of the failure.

Task Repository

DTBlaze maintains a task repository on the HP NonStop Server. The task repository contains both task configuration information as well as statistical information about completed load and extract tasks. The repository is stored in a NonStop SQL database and can be easily queried to get information about configured tasks and information about active and completed tasks.

Effective Process Control

DTBlaze gives the user the flexibility for choosing the process priorities for the load and extract processes on the NonStop Server.

Multiple Platform and Database Support

DTBlaze supports the HP NonStop Integrity and HP NonStop Server platforms. Both NonStop SQL/MP and NonStop SQL/MX database products are supported. The client platforms supported are Linux and Unix * .

Data Formats Supported

DTBlaze supports the following formatting options:

•  Delimited and fixed width data

•  Data encoded in UTF-8 as well as pass-through (no conversion) for handling character data not encoded in UTF-8

•  Support for input/output with flat files and named pipes

•  Multiple date formats


* Support for Unix as a client platform will be not be available in the initial release


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